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Mortgage Field Services: Automated Data Processing

Mortgage field service companies who hire independent contractors need automated data processing software in order to remain competitive in the field services business. A service company with a dozen or more clients needs to provide a way for their field service reps to download and submit their inspections to just one website or program. Bombarding your reps with dozens of websites, programs, and systems will only lead to high turnover rates.

Mortgage companies and banks will send work orders to Mortgage Field Service companies for various reasons. Drive-By Inspections, Property Inspections, Interior Inspections, Occupancy Verification Inspections represent some of the types of inspections that a bank will send to a National, Regional or Individual mortgage field servicing company. The “Nationals” such as Safeguard Properties, LPS, M&M Mortgage Servicing, MSI, Five Brothers, A2Z, National Field Reps etc., will hire Independent Contractors or “reps” to physically conduct the inspection out in the field.

Due to the current mortgage crisis the need for qualified inspectors has never been greater. The “Nationals” have their hands full and are limited to the amount of training they can provide individual contractors. Good training leads to quality field service inspections. For this reason, so many Mortgage Field Service companies are leaning more and more on Regional Companies to provide that training.

Usually there is not enough volume in a zone or region for the Regional Company to limit itself to just one or two clients. A successful Regional Company will need to diversify not only the type of services they perform, but also the number of clients they include in their business.

The biggest problem the Regional Company faces while contracting with 20 to 30 different Nationals are all those different websites their inspectors have to login to in order to submit their inspections.

The solution is for Regional Companies to utilize an Automated Data Processing program that can upload, download, and provide a means for their inspectors to actually conduct their inspections.

An Automated Data Processing program will eliminate the need for the inspectors of a Regional Company to keep track of all those different websites and logins from all those different Nationals.

Some Data Processing companies will farm out the completed work orders to foreign countries, taking days to return to the National client. This seems at the very least to infringe upon the security of those homeowners who have no control over their inspection status or privacy. Quality Control procedures should not be left to an outside company. The Regional Company should address this issue while maintaining strict security.

The choices for the Regional Mortgage Field Service Company are limited to a small handful of processing companies that fully understand the needs of the industry. Companies such as BC Connect and In Field Express are expensive and do not have the flexibility that InspectorADE does. With some processing companies they only allow you to import .csv files or only .pdf files. InspectorADE can handle either of them.

The needs of the individual inspector should be considered before deciding which Data Processing program to go with. InspectorADE allows the inspector to use paper, laptop while offline, or their Android cell phone. Processing inspections with InspectorADE is instant. It goes straight to the Regional Company for QC and can be delivered to the National within 10 to 30 minutes. Competitors to InspectorADE can take as long as 48 hours to process the inspections. In today’s market, this is simply not acceptable.

Successful companies like National Mortgage Field Services use InspectorADE for all their Automated Data Processing. InspectorADE has allowed NMFS to grow and expand their Region and territories and to add more National clients without worry. At .25 cents per inspection, this is less than half of any other processing company. If Automated Data Processing for your Mortgage Field Service business is important to you, InspectorADE is worth considering.

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