To All Applicants with a Yahoo, AOL or Ymail email addresses,
Consider this your first qualifying action towards becoming an inspector with our company.  Can you follow instructions? We delete all applications with such email addresses because we will not be able to communicate with you.

Verizon, who owns Yahoo and AOL simply will not lift our domain from their Gray list. They never even provide us with a reason why.

Our hosting company has tried everything they know, including trying to communicate with Verizon to find out what the issue is.


  • We are CAN-SPAM and DMARC compliant.
  • We have published reverse DNS records.
  • We have DKIM authenticated signatures.
  • Our mail servers are secure.
  • We are not on any Blacklists for spam.
If you are still interested, before filling out the application, you must use an email address other than Yahoo or AOL.
I bet you are missing out on all kinds of emails from other potential employers as well.

We know that all of our emails reach Gmail users.  Now is a good time to get that Gmail account you’ve always wanted.