There are several types of HUD inspections, Routine, QC Benchmark, Disaster, etc.

These are mainly interior inspections that pay more. The reason they pay more is because it is a different kind of interior inspection that you may be used to.  These are “Tattle-Tail” inspections.  That means you are looking for things that the Property Preservation crew should have cleaned up, but they didn’t. That’s right…be that guy that gets someone else in trouble!  Because if we miss it, and HUD finds it, we are all up a creek.

We’re looking to see if they:
Cleaned off the ceiling fans
Cleaned off the window sills
the dishwaster
the cabinets
the oven or range, the microwave etc.

Except for painting and replacing the carpet, these homes should be clean and ready for the public to stroll the property to see if they want to buy it.  “Sale Ready” is what we are looking for.  If it’s dirty and can be cleaned, that’s what we are taking photos of.

There probably isn’t a lockbox so you’ll have to use your keys.  For these properties it could be any of these 5 keys:

21121, 23255, 35435, 63542, 25326 and a padlock key of A802.  Don’t worry about all those other keys you have. Those are for other clients.

You must take a photo of the key code that opened the door. If none of these 5 keys work, take a photo of each of these in the door, front and back, showing that you tried to gain entry.  Yes!  that could possibly mean 10 key code photos. If PKM has to send out a contractor and he can show that one of these 5 keys opened the lock, they are going to back-charge us for sending that guy out there for no reason.

No key photos mean they do not pay. Real simple rule they have there.

The PDF below shows the things that the property preservation people are supposed to be doing.  Read it to know what they are supposed to be doing.  Find things and take photos of whatever it is that they missed.


The inspection guidelines for HUD inspections can be found here.
*Additional added guideline: Custodial Inspections