National Mortgage Field Services COVID-19 Current Policy

Nearly all of our National clients have come up with their own policies concerning the COVID-19 virus situation.
For a particular client policy, please click on the client update that is in question.

However, you as a vendor are not contracted with our National clients. You are contracted with NMFS.
Therefore, where there is an absence of client direction, the policies of NMFS will prevail.

  • Door card / Door Knock / Letter Delivery Inspections: Until further notice, do not leave a letter at the property. Do not hand a letter to the occupant if you see them out in front of their property. Do not approach the property.  No photos of your hand knocking on the door. All letter type delivery inspections that you can determine to be occupied, are to be conducted as a drive-by inspection. Take good photos of proof of occupancy from your vehicle. A comment on the inspection at the bottom of the report needs to say “No Card Left Due to COVID-19 Concerns“.
  • Vacant Properties: If a property is determined to be vacant, we need to conduct a full vacant property inspection including vacancy notices that are posted on the door.  If the inspection requires an interior inspection, we must provide an interior inspection, unless client-specific COVID-19 restrictions are enforced.
  • Insurance Loss Inspections: Business as usual. Call and make appointments. You can wear a mask and gloves if you feel the need.  You can even ask the homeowner to wear a mask if that makes you feel more comfortable. Do Not convert any insurance loss inspection to a drive-by unless specifically told to do so. Do not ask the homeowner to email you photos unless the instructions specifically tell you to do so. We are still required to make all call attempts and log them into the Comments section of the inspection online, on the InspectorADE website.