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What is a Mortgage Field Service Inspector?

Thank you for your interest in our company and for submitting the company application.

Click this link to register for a free course that will tell you all about our industry.

Inspections take about 5 to 10 minutes. Most of the time you don’t even get out of your vehicle. As long as you have daylight to take your photos and you complete your inspections before the due date, you’ll do great at this.

The first mortgage field service inspection was ordered in 1954, just after the first 30-year mortgage began in our country. It only makes sense that when a homeowner defaults in their mortgage payments, someone has to drive by to see if the property is still occupied and the condition.

We are not debt collectors and we do not require a debt collectors license. We really don’t even want to talk to these people. We just want to take our photos, fill out the form on our app, and then head to the next property. Easy.

Take the free course and if you are still interested by the time you get to lesson 11, then click on the link for our Independent Contractor Agreement. That should then take you to form for getting your keys and background check.

  • We must use HUD keys to do our monthly inspections of vacant properties.
  • We must have a background check because Congress passed a law in 2010 that all mortgage field service inspectors must have a verifiable background check. Our industry is regulated by the Federal Government.
  • Another benefit of taking the free course is that you become a Certified Mortgage Field Services Inspector.

Our company offers nearly double the fees per inspection to those who are Certified Mortgage Field Service inspectors. 

NEXT STEP, Click this link: to take the inspector course.