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How To Find The GPS of Where You Live

How To Find The GPS (Latitude & Longitude) Of A Property

NMFS requires the exact Digital GPS location of your home office so that we can use it to calculate your fees based on travel distance as well as placing your dot on our strategy map.

The format we use for the GPS is the digital format. Example: 

33.843628, -117.998475    I used to really love this place!

The more numbers after the period, the more accurate the reading.  Four digits after the period will do fine. We do NOT use Minutes and Seconds format with degrees.

To find your GPS coordinates using your cell phone, open the Goggle Map app and make sure you have your GPS turned on.  It helps to view your map in satellite view. Zoom in as much as you can. Once you have your location centered, hold your finger down on your screen.  At the top of your screen it will show you your exact GPS coordinates.