How To Find The GPS (Latitude & Longitude) Of A Property

NMFS requires the exact Digital GPS location of your home office so that we can use it to calculate your fees based on travel distance as well as placing your dot on our strategy map.

The format we use for the GPS is the digital format. Example:  35.6587, -95.8767   The more numbers after the period, the more accurate the reading.  Four digits after the period will do fine. We do NOT use Minutes and Seconds format with degrees.

There are several ways to obtain the GPS of your home. You can use Google Maps by using your cell phone app or by using your desktop/laptop.

To find your GPS coordinates using your cell phone, open the app and make sure you have your GPS turned on.  Once Google Maps centers on your location hold your finger down on your screen.  At the bottom of your screen it will pop up “Dropped Pin” and an address.  Touch “Dropped Pin” and it will then show you your GPS Coordinates.

To find your GPS coordinates using your computer,  just go to Google Maps.

checkZoom onto the area you want to take the reading for, click on the Satellite view.

checkRight click the center of the property you want the GPS for.

right click

checkWhen you right click the property a small window will pop up.

checkClick on “What’s Here” and it will provide you with the GPS reading in the address box above.


whats here

checkCopy all the numbers provided in the address box from Google Maps and paste them where you need them to go on any form that asks for it.


GPS numbers