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Getting Your Keys is Next!

Now that you’ve taken the Certification course, we will add $2 to $3 to each of your inspections ABOVE the normal national average fees, depending on your territory of coverage. 

We’re ready for you to obtain a set of keys that will enable you to enter vacant properties that require an interior inspection.
As a business owner, these are considered your “tools” and only you can purchase them for your own company.

You can ask Lori for a list of keys you’ll need in your state which may end up costing you close to $50, or you can purchase the keys you need from us for just $15.
We buy in bulk and we are given huge discounts that we pass on you our inspectors. Your keys will be mailed to you as soon as your background check comes in.

Here you go:

The next process after keys is to purchase your background check which we process your application for you.

Lori Shortes
Hiring Manager