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Contractor Agreement

Now that you have completed our company application, let’s get the contract out of the way.  Our contract agreement reminds you that you are a 1099 employee and not a W-2 employee.  No taxes are taken from your earnings. It shows you that you can work for as many other companies as you can get to hire you. Many of our contractors work for multiple companies. We can even show you how to find them.


Please read and fill out our Contractor Agreement.

(Please use the same email address as your application.)


Not ready to sign a contract before you have a better idea of what you are doing?

No worries. We are not going to hold you to the contract until your background check comes back good.  We have to do it this way because job search websites require us to hire you first before offering you training in our industry. After filling out the contract you will be brought to a webpage that offers you more money per inspection if you become certified, which is free btw.  If you take the certification training and decide not to go through with it, no worries.


About our Company:

Then, you will be taken to the next step. After all the steps are completed you will be sent a Welcome letter with your username and password to our inspection program and Back Office on

NMFS is a reputable company in good standing with the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

NMFS uses OnPay for our deposit only payroll system.

NMFS uses InspectorADE for processing inspections on smartphones.

NMFS is on page ONE of Google for the most common search terms in our industry. “Mortgage Field Services”.

NMFS started hiring Independent Contractors in 2008.

NMFS is a Disabled Veteran owned business.