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Reassignment Fee Policy

If we have to find someone else to do the work that was assigned to you, it causes a hardship not only on our company, but for the contractor we have to reassign your inspections over to.

Reassignment fees will be implemented for the following reasons:

  1. If you have past due open inspections that have been in your possession for at least 3 days.
  2. If you flat out quit (terminate your services) without at least a 5 day notice. (Inspections due within 3 days will receive a $10 charge-back to reassign as a Rush fee to another inspector.)
  3. The inspection is in your assigned area but you do not have time to do it.

The Following Fees will be assessed:

  • $10 Reassignment fee for Past Due Inspections, per day past due.
  • $5 Reassignment fee for inspections in your assigned area that you request to have reassigned.

The reason for a reassignment fee for inspections that are not past due but the inspector received the inspection in their own area or territory of assignment is because it is unfair for all the other inspectors who are completing their inspections as requested. If the inspection is too far, in a bad area, it’s raining or whatever the excuse is, we can reassign the inspection at your request but it involves our time and also places a burden to the receiving inspector who now has fewer days to complete the inspection.

If an inspection is cancelled by our client because an inspector allowed it to go past due, and if the inspector held it in their possession for more than 3 days, we have no choice but to pass the charge back on to the inspector. Most of the time our clients will back charge us $25 $31, $61, $91 or $107 for past due inspections that they have to cancel and reassign to another company.

Everyone has their own reasons for dropping the ball. As for NMFS, we are held responsible to complete all inspections assigned to us or we suffer a hefty fee from our clients. The courteous thing to do is to keep the NMFS Account Managers informed as to why you have past due inspections and when you are able to complete them. And also to not leave us holding the bag when you decide to flat out quit on us.

Good communication is required in any business.