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Past Due No Pay

Past Due = No Pay


Due to several of our clients no longer paying us for past due inspections, NMFS has no choice but to implement the same policy. Effective 26 April 2014, NMFS will no longer be able to pay inspectors for work submitted past due.


  • Inspections Received Already Past Due: Where an inspection is received past due and was reassigned from another inspector, the receiving inspector will have 3 days to complete the inspection without penalty.
  • On inspections received from our client that are already past due, the inspector will have 3 days to complete the inspection.

Basically, if you keep an inspection for more than 3 days and it goes past due… PDNP!

If you get an inspection that is like 12 days past due, please due it within 3 days.
3 Days should give you plenty of time to complete it. Of course if it already past due, the sooner you complete it the better for all of us.