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Insurance Loss Chargebacks

An insurance loss, a.k.a., IL, Loss Draft, requires an appointment.  In order for you to complete the inspection you must call the home owner to set up an appointment.

NMFS policy is that the first call should be within 6 hours of receipt of the inspection and then 2 phone calls a day. An AM and a PM call are required to be logged. Failure to do so will cause the inspector to forfeit the inspection fee.

UPDATE: Policy Change

Effective 4/21/2017

Due to the huge charge-backs NMFS accrues on a daily basis,  due to inspectors not providing updates with phone call attempts, we have no choice but to implement yet another charge-back to help offset our deductions.

Each day that a contact attempt is not made, there will be a $20 per day charge-back.

If you receive the IL on day 1 before noon, there should be at least 1 call made that day. On day 2, there should be 2 calls made.

(By saying “calls made” we mean called, left message, sent the homeowner a text etc., and then logged into the Comment section of the work order in InspectorADE online, not your phone app.)