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Follow Up Policy

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Whenever you receive a Follow-Up on an inspection you completed, we need you take immediate action on it. Follow-Ups that just sit there will end up costing us money if it goes past due.

Therefore, if you ignore a Follow-Up sent to you and then we have to reassign it to someone else to get the job done, we have no choice but to charge a Reassignment fee.

Follow Ups that are ignored for more than 24 hours are subject to loss of fee, especially if they go past due and the client cancels the inspection.
In addition, Follow Ups not cured within 24 hours are also subject to a $10 per day late fee. We are not paid by our clients on Follow Ups past the due date, especially for Insurance Loss inspections.


If you have a particular issue with a Follow-Up, or cannot cure it within 24 hours, communicate with the Account Manager for that client.