Are you not making enough money to cover your costs?

NMFS has 15 National clients.
NMFS would not be in business with just one or two clients.

Let’s make tacos!

Let’s say you are selling tacos.

  • 1 lb of hamburger meat will make nine tacos. $5.99
  • Head of lettuce – $1.99
  • On vine tomatoes (4-5 per bunch) $1.69
  • Large onion – .80 cents
  • Shredded Sharp Cheddar cheese – $2.29
  • Box of 10 taco shells – $2.49

The total cost to make nine tacos – is $15.25

If you sell nine tacos at $2.50 each, you’ll gross $22.50.

That would give you a profit of  $7.25.

Selling 100 tacos will make you $725.

Selling only one taco, and you lose -$12.75


If you are not making enough money, you need more people to buy your tacos.

Many of our inspectors will terminate their contracts because they are losing money.

You need to sell more tacos! You need to find more clients.

If NMFS is the only company buying your tacos (inspections), you may need more clients.