To Our Contractors in Selected Areas of LA,

We just had a meeting with our MCS representative for LA.

It went extraordinarily well. Over the past 30 days, under the leadership of Deborah, MCS has noted an extreme turnaround.  This tells all of us that our inspectors are great, but our management was lacking severely.  MCS tells us that they can see a definite marked improvement. At the time of our meeting we had just ONE past due inspection for all of MCS!

How the Meeting Went…

We have regained a completely lost territory, and we have been un-suspended in 3 other territories!

Therefore, they are giving us back what they call Territory LA-005.


























As you can see from the map above, we really only have half of the area covered.  What this means to you, if you live in LA-005, is that we are going to need to rely and depend on you to take care of our unassigned inspections in that territory until we can hire reps who live in the gray areas. Letting those areas go means it also puts us out of business in the areas of high volume.  So, we will need your support when Deborah calls upon you to take one for the team. Keep watch on the Unassigned Jobs Board.


Territory LA-040, LA-050 and LA-045…
























As you can see, we have these 3 Territories pretty well covered.  Except that we have been only receiving half of our allotment because of past performance.  They cut us down and reduced the number of inspections we received a few months ago. Did you notice a sharp decrease in the number of inspections there?  That’s why.  We got re-instated!

As you can see, there are some boonie areas and a gray area with no coverage right there in the middle.  When Deborah calls upon you to help out and take those, please respond.  It DOES affect you!

It should go without saying that we will not tolerate past due inspections.  Right now, with MCS, we are at 99.7% On Time! If you end up being the one that screws this up for the rest of us, you won’t be with us for very long, I can tell you that. We have too many good inspectors to let 1 or 2 bad ones take our work from us again.  I can tell you that I do not believe, with our current inspectors, that we will have any trouble.  It is those of you who live in these areas that are getting us the work back.  Thank you.

AR and OK

As for Arkansas, our RVM (boss) for OK and LA from MCS, is going to talk to the boss of AR to test us out again and give us some of our lost territory back. A lot of it depends on those who cover Oklahoma and Louisiana for us.  If we keep looking good, the more we get back.  Right now we cover every territory MCS has in Oklahoma.  We will not allow ourselves to screw this up.  In AR, we lost all of it except for 1 territory in the upper NorthWest.  I have no idea why we get to keep that area because quite frankly, we suck there.  We are hiring new inspectors there right now.

For all of you who are receiving MCS work, keep up the good work.  What you do has a definite impact on other inspectors being able to feed their families.  We are still recovering from the thousands of dollars lost from all the charge-backs (a gift that the previous manager left us with), and ask that you be patient with us as we rebuild our inspection base.

Please provide continued support to Deborah, Sandra and Melissa. What you do affects others.  Keep up the good work.

BTW, Oklahoma, we are starting a new client in your state, starting today I believe.  Let’s make a good impression.