Altisource is aware that authorities in many jurisdictions may have restricted or ordered the discontinuation of non-essential business, services, and/or travel. Based on the information we are aware of as of today, Altisource believes that these inspections may be considered “essential” in many jurisdictions. As we stressed in prior communications, as our vendor, you are first and foremost responsible for exercising appropriate discretion to ensure full compliance with all applicable health orders, state and federal laws, regulations, orders, and guidelines in the provision of services. This responsibility includes complying with all requirements and guidelines concerning social distancing and good hygiene practices while providing services and mitigating exposure to at-risk populations while they complete work orders. These requirements, which are evolving on a daily basis, supersede any other direction from Altisource to the contrary. If completing a work order would cause you to violate any such laws, regulations, orders or guidelines, please do not perform the work and notify your Altisource representative immediately.


GUIDANCE: For all items below, we require vendors to comply with ALL applicable laws, rules, regulations and public health-related orders issued during this time. These legal requirements supersede any direction provided below. If completing a work order would require violation of legal requirements or public health-related orders, do not proceed and notify your Altisource representative immediately.
All vendors should take all necessary precautions to protect your personal health and those of your personnel, property owners and other individuals with whom you have contact by following the recommendations provided by public health officials. Examples of this direction include frequent handwashing and hand sanitizing, maintaining social distancing and self-isolation for those with COVID-19 symptoms. Please notify Altisource to reassign orders if you are unable to complete an order, ensure your products and services are clean and sanitary, limit personal interaction or close contact, and stay up to date on local developments.
VACANT: Onsite inspections or repairs on vacant homes where no contact is expected should be completed timely. Should you encounter unexpected people, you may complete the order as a curb order or drive-by order but please be sure to include an explanation when you provide the order deliverables. Please utilize guidance provided by public health authorities for social distancing.
OCCUPIED: Inspections for properties which are found occupied should be completed as curb or drive-by only with results providing evidence of the reason for at distance inspections or inability to complete the order.
Inspections for bids on occupied properties for any purpose should continue with attempted phone contact (not face to face) with the occupant. Continue to communicate all call attempts and schedule dates with Altisource.
LOSS DRAFT INSPECTIONS: If the Loss Draft Inspection is an interior order and the occupant prefers not to have the inspection completed due to COVID-19, please respect the occupant’s wishes and notify your Altisource representative immediately.
If you have an appointment for an exterior repair, those appointments should proceed as normal as applicable within orders issued by governmental authorities and with permission from the occupant to walk the property, obtain required exterior photos, and complete the Inspections without face-to-face contact. The order can be completed by noting on the signature page that you had permission from the borrower or occupant to complete the exterior repair inspection. If there is also interior work, please note in the inspector’s comments section on the inspection form that only exterior work was inspected due to COVID-19. Do not give credit for interior repairs.
Contact inspections and Loss Draft Inspections make up a small portion of the overall inspection business and can be completed if the same can be done using the CDC recommendation for social distancing and taking into account any other direction provided by state or federal agencies.
In all situations, continue to practice social distancing by working individually or in small known teams as described by public health officials and following appropriate safeguards. Should the work require a larger team of people and the recommendations made by public health officials cannot be followed, or if you have a concern about your health and safety, contact your Altisource representative at the earliest to discuss options. Our Crisis Management procedures include notification of crisis impact. Please immediately notify your representative at Altisource if there are any reasons by which you are unable to complete the work assigned.
We want everyone to remain healthy and safe during this challenging time. We continue to focus on delivering our services with minimal interruption or negative impact to you, our vendor, or our clients and their businesses. Altisource assumes no responsibility or liability for providing the advice contained herein. This merely constitutes advice and does not replace your use of judgment, the responsibility to comply with applicable laws and public health orders or to protect the public and individual safety.